Request for advisory assistance


Recently, we received a request for advisory assistance from a civilian who came under enemy fire and received shrapnel wounds and eye injuries. We have authorized his visit to the First Clinical Hospital in Kyiv for a full examination and professional assistance. We wish him a speedy recovery and let's see the Victory together!

Interview with Valeria Yeshchenko


Today, an important interview with the wife of Vladislav Yeschenko, who lost his sight and partial hearing in the war, took place. The conversation highlights not only her situation, but also the lives of women in a similar situation. Expect an announcement with the participation of MP Anna Purtova.

ZOOM meeting with the American veteran organization


Together with Anna Purtova, MP, we held a meeting with an American doctor and an American veteran organization about our foundation. We discussed options for support and joint work with American organizations. We discussed the strategy for the month of February, identified the needs of veterans and considered the best methods of supporting them. The next Zoom meeting is scheduled for a week from now.

Meeting with People's Deputy Anna Purtova


Today, we met with Anna Purtova, Member of Parliament of Ukraine. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the possibility of cooperation in providing assistance to people with vision loss and lack of vision. The main points discussed today:

- Launch of public awareness groups and interaction with the Kyiv City Administration.
- Preparation of a request to the Ministry of Health to train medical staff on the rules of communication and support for people with visual impairment and loss.
- Preparing for a conference with American experts to obtain medical equipment and funding.
- Assistance in the purchase of biomaterial for keratoplasty.
- Developing the training of guide dogs in Ukraine and the relevant draft law.

We are confident that our joint work will be fruitful on the way to improving the quality of life of people with visual impairment and loss of vision. It was a pleasure to meet you in person and we thank Garik Korogodsky for this opportunity.

Keeping in touch with the dog training center "Anteus"


We have again established contact with one of our partners, the Anteus Dog Training Center. We discussed the strategy of charity tours for this year. Our goals include:

- Attracting maximum attention to the dog training center to support the guide dog training program.
- Informing people and teaching them the rules of communication with a person accompanied by a guide dog.

In the near future, the first charity tour of this year is planned, which is open to everyone. The exact date and time of the tour will be announced later. In the meantime, you can register by writing to us in personal messages or at [email protected].

Summary of 2023


Throughout 2023, i.e. during the first year of the Charitable Organization "Let's See Victory", we implemented projects that helped our defenders rehabilitate.

The main vector of our work was medical care for the wounded. This year, we purchased keratobioimplants (corneas) and facilitated 6 surgeries to restore vision. That's six soldiers who will be able to see the world and our victory again! This year we hope to double, if not multiply this result!

We also purchased a wheelchair for the fighter's mother, materials for eye prosthetics, and postoperative medications. All these purchases help our wards to adapt faster after surgery and improve their quality of life.

We are extremely grateful to our partners, so we carefully represent each of them. In 2023, we successfully signed memorandums of cooperation with such organizations as: Bogomolets Institute of Physiology and Miguel Fernandez University of Spain, Ukrainian Glaucoma Society, Charitable Organization "After Service" Charitable Foundation, First Medical Association of Lviv, City Specialized Youth Library "Moloda Hvardia" and Anteus Dog Training Center. We look forward to further fruitful cooperation!

We also responded to a request from the A7272 unit in Kramatorsk. Kramatorsk and provided military equipment in the form of two DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo quadcopters.

In addition, we took responsibility for financing and running a social rehabilitation camp for war veterans who lost their eyesight while defending Ukraine. We invest significant efforts in providing support and improving the quality of life of those who have sacrificed their health for the benefit of our country.

Disability Power Forum


We conclude this productive week with a visit to the Disability Power conference, where we discussed pressing issues and statistics of people with disabilities, including visually impaired people.

The speakers spoke about their projects and personal experiences, after which everyone was invited to join the discussion. The audience was able to ask questions and get meaningful answers.

Thank you for the invitation and friendly atmosphere! We are always happy to join a productive conversation and cooperation.

Speech at the Global Leadership Summit


Today we had an incredibly warm welcome at the Global Leadership Summit.

Vlad told us his story and how he came up with the idea to create the foundation. We outlined and discussed the mission of the charitable organization, its goals and values. It was very touching, and the audience gave us a standing ovation.

The audience helped us raise funds because we organized a donation drive on the spot. We managed to raise more than 28 thousand from the summit participants! We will use these funds for projects to help as many people as possible.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak and for supporting our foundation!

Forum "What will give us power"


On December 5, the team of the CO "Let's See the Victory" attended the forum "What will give us strength". Vladyslav Yeshchenko was a speaker, telling his story and urging people to join the foundation's mission.

One more rehabilitation camp for veterans who have lost their eyesight is finished


Last week, another rehabilitation camp for veterans who have lost their eyesight and their families, organized by the NGO "Modern View", ended.

This camp had one feature that significantly distinguished it from the previous ones - it was attended by guys who came for the first time, as well as those who decided to deepen their knowledge and skills.

The event was funded and supported by the Oleksandr Tereshchenko Charitable Foundation and the "Let's See Victory" Charitable Foundation.

All-Ukrainian Conference "Development of Rehabilitation in Ukraine: Dialogue on Challenges and Innovations during the War"


Today, representatives of the CO "Let's See the Victory" took part in the All-Ukrainian Conference "Development of Rehabilitation in Ukraine: Dialogue on Challenges and Innovations in Time of War", in the fourth panel of the event dedicated to the discussion of rehabilitation of people with visual impairments.

By August of this year, the official register of visually impaired people was expanded by 19 thousand Ukrainians. This is more than in the whole of 2022. It should also be understood that due to the hostilities, the number does not stop growing.

Vladyslav Yeshchenko shared his experience of rehabilitation. We also talked to Roman Shtohryn, director of the Podillya rehabilitation center, and Natalia Sych, a representative of the First Medical Association of Lviv.

Olesya Perepechenko from the NGO "Modern View", known for its rehabilitation camps for military with vision loss, also joined the discussion. She spoke about the real results of her work, and once again emphasized the need for timely support and social rehabilitation, starting from the hospital.

Such conferences are a necessity. People with visual impairments need to be visible. It is difficult to recover from eye injuries, and help on this path is very important.

We hope that the field of comprehensive rehabilitation in Ukraine will develop, because there is no future without rehabilitation.

Signing of a memorandum with the Anteus Dog Training Center


Today, on November 02, 2023, the "Let's See Victory" Charitable Foundation signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Anteus Dog Training Center.

Along with the signing of the memorandum, the first joint event was held, where all guests had the opportunity to meet guide dogs and try to walk with them blindfolded. There was also a tour where everyone could see unique dog breeds and hear the history of each of them.

We would like to express our gratitude to the dog training center, which was able to show the results of its work with guide dogs.

In the future, we are planning more than one such event, so we are waiting for everyone!

Those who wish to support:

Payment details: 5375411209989206

Implantation of a keratobiological implant for a injured soldier


Three months ago, Serhiy Ponomarchuk was wounded in Bakhmut and partially lost his sight. On 23.10, he underwent implantation of a keratobioimplant, which was not the first time our foundation has donated. The fighter is recovering well after the operation, and the director of the foundation Vladislav Yeschenko has already visited Sergiy and brought him some tasty treats. We hope for his speedy recovery!

Trip to the dog training center "Anteus"


On Saturday, the "Let's See Victory" Charitable Foundation visited the Anteus Dog Training Center in Mezhyhirya, the only one in Ukraine where guide dogs are trained.

Vladyslav Yeshchenko, along with other people who have lost their sight, not only tried themselves as owners of such dogs, but also learned how they are trained and what they can do.

Unfortunately, the center currently has no state funding, so training a dog is not only expensive, but also very resource-intensive. The center has also suffered damage from shelling and needs support.

If you want to help, you can donate to the bank. Leave the details and the QR code in the carousel.


Glasses handed over to a fighter who had a keratobiological implant


The soldier, who received a keratobiological implant from the Foundation, received glasses, which became another important step in his care. Thanks to the special lenses, the man was able to see well enough to move around independently, and now he even has the ability to read. Improving the lives of those who come to us for help is incredibly important for our Charitable Foundation.

Meeting with a injured soldier


The Foundation's director Vladyslav Yeschenko personally met with soldier Oleksiy Zamuriyev, who had problems with his right eye after a grenade explosion. Since the other eye was missing as a result of the injury, it was extremely important to preserve the vision in the other eye as much as possible.

Thanks to the Foundation, the soldier was implanted with a keratobiological implant, which gave him the opportunity to see again. It is extremely important for the "Let's See Victory" Foundation to appreciate the tangible result of its assistance.

Press conference "Rehabilitation of military and civilians with vision loss. Experience and realities of today"


On August 16, a press conference was held on "Rehabilitation of military and civilians with vision loss. Experience and realities of today", where a memorandum of further cooperation was signed between all the organizations present. You can watch the speakers' speeches in the carousel.

After treatment and discharge from the hospital, the most important part for people who have lost their sight is the process of returning to a full life. It turned out that at the moment there are serious problems in the field of rehabilitation.

An important factor is the lack of appropriate support at the state level. After the termination of medical care, people with vision loss are left with virtually no proper care and rehabilitation. The medical field is abdicating this responsibility, and new decisions by the Ministry of Social Policy have led to the elimination of social rehabilitation programs for veterans and war victims. As a result, people who have lost their eyesight are left with virtually no support from the state.

An individual approach to each person, the involvement of blind coaches, family support, as well as social and motivational support are key aspects of successful rehabilitation.

There are plans for educational activities, including informational webinars, to help provide the necessary information to those who need it.

In general, the success of people who have lost their sight in returning to a full life depends to a large extent on social rehabilitation, which is an extremely urgent problem today.

Sending a wheelchair for a mother of a soldier


On August 10, 2023, the "Let's See Victory" Charitable Foundation handed a wheelchair to a military mother. The Foundation is honored to help parents of military personnel who have raised worthy defenders of our country.

Meeting with UNDP representatives


On June 26, we met with UNDP representatives to discuss the most pressing problems faced by visually impaired people and to consider options for solving these issues. We also discussed the possibility of our foundation's participation in a grant project aimed at organizing and developing rehabilitation for the blind in Ukraine.

Happy Hours at the After Service Foundation


On July 4, 2023, the "Let's See Victory" Charitable Foundation joined the "Happy Hours" club held by the "After Service" Foundation for veterans on the last Wednesday of each month.

It was a pleasure to join the dialogue together with other friends and partners of the Foundation, to discuss the further development of "After Service" and the common vision of the veterans' movement. We will work even harder to create a strong community of veterans together, where everyone will find support and encouragement.

Signing a memorandum with the First Lviv Territorial Medical Association


The Charitable Foundation "Let's See Victory" and the First Lviv Territorial Medical Association have signed a cooperation memorandum to improve medical care and rehabilitation for our compatriots. We met with the National Rehabilitation Center "UNBROKEN" and the First Medical Association representatives to discuss the details and further steps to ensure the best medical care. We thank the employees for their hard work and contribution to improving the medical system.

Signing of a memorandum with the CO "After Service"


A memorandum of cooperation was signed with the Charitable Foundation "After Service". Our cooperation opens up new opportunities for veterans by providing them with support both during and after their service.

The foundation's team works in various areas, including health, psychological assistance, education and retraining, provides legal support and access to benefits, as well as professional employment. The Memorandum provides new perspectives for our veterans by providing them with help and support. We appreciate the opportunity to be on their side and serve them.

Delivery of quadcopters for the military


Thanks to the Charitable Foundation "Let's See Victory", two DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo quadcopters were delivered to the military unit A7272 in Kramatorsk. Thanks to the new equipment, the soldiers at the front will be able to defend our country even more productively and efficiently. This assistance is another important step in supporting our military and ensuring their effectiveness at the front.

The signing of a memorandum


The signing of a memorandum of cooperation between four parties: our Foundation, the Ukrainian Glaucoma Society, the Bohomolets Institute of Physiology of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and the Miguel Fernandez Institute, which develops neuroprostheses for people with vision loss.